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T.S. Production and Sale Co.,Ltd.

T.S. Production and Sale Co.,Ltd.

             T.S. Production and Sale Company Limited to Provides engineering design and manufacturing of metals works such as cable tray, cable trunk, cable ladder, wire way, steel support, instrument stanchion including f itting and accessories for Chemical Oil & Gas Plant, Power Plant, Pulp & Paper Mill, Metal Industrial Plant, General Industrial Plant and Automation Building under trade marked of TSP which is a subsidiary of the T.S. Group Management Company Limited even under management of Dr. Thawatchai Sangthong (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer),

           he has highest education in doctoral degree of Philosophy in Management, Magna cum laude with experience in project execution and marketing management more than 26 years and our company group has been certified quality management system ISO 9001 : 2008 by UKAS & NAC and safety management system OHSAS 18001 : 2007 by UKAS & TIS 18001-2554 by SGS. The factory is located at Soi Huanamtok 2 Huanamtok Road., Map Ta Phut Muang Rayong

Chairman and Chief Executive Off icer role of corporate governance in complinance with the standards and principles of good management follows,

  1. Establish the Vision, Mission statement, Missions, Strategies, Business plans and Budget
  2. Supervision and monitoring the implementation of the management shall be regularly by planned
  3. Maintain a system of internal and external audit with follow up regularly
  4. Ensuring appropriate risk management and monitoring closely to ensure the highest the benef iciaries